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Main differences in NEOtent™

Neotent™ StandardNeotent™ Plus
aluminum frame with hexagonal profiles, silver colour
aluminum frame with hexagonal profiles, champagne colour
Frame connectors
grey, polypropylene with high resistance to mechanical damage
black, polypropylene/polyamide composite reinforced with fiberglass, with increased impact resistance
Legs locking system
water repellent
PN-EN ISO 4920
water resistant
PN-EN 20811
Width of the valance
330 mm
390 mm
Walls connected by
Walls attached to the frame legs by
strap with grommet
Warranty for frame connectors
2 years
Warranty for tent foots
2 years
Warranty for the frame
2 years
5 years
Declaration of conformity - wind resistance
EN 13782:2007

Versatility and ease of configuration

We provide amazing possibilities of custom design and personalization thanks to our high quality printing technology.

ATMOtent™ - inflatable dome tent

The modern design of ATMOtent™ will help you stand out from the competition.

ATMOtent™ advertising tent is an ideal solution for outdoor events and exhibitions. ATMOtent™ is distinguished by the fact that it is an instantly inflatable construction, and its large surface allows for effective promotion of your brand. ATMOtent™ is light and mobile, created from high-quality materials.

ATMOtent™ is primarily a high-quality fabric construction that is flame retardant and waterproof, and thus adapted to different weather conditions.

Brand presentation has never been so easy!

NEOtent™ - an innovative advertising solution

Are you planning your company's presence at a festival, conference, fairs or other event? A quick-assembly advertising tent is the perfect solution for your brand!

Extremely compact and functional, it finds application depending on the current needs of your brand. Versatility NEOtent™ offers makes it possible to serve as an information point or a trading stand.

To further distinguish and help customers recognize your brand, you can take advantage of additional customization options offered by Litex Promo and provide your advertising tent with your logo, promotional graphics or company colours - high print quality will allow you to place any graphic designs on the sheathing!

NEOtent™ can be used during events taking place both indoors and outdoors. The construction is made of durable and suitably protected aluminum, which exhibits above-average resistance in various weather conditions. In addition, the possibility of installing additional elements - such as walls with doors or windows - will provide protection against wind, sun or rain.

Are you planning to launch an active stand until late in the evening? With NEOtent™, this is not a problem! The frame is adapted to retrofit it with lighting and heating.

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