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Reinforced structural elements


Endless possibilities of print


Created for ease of use

8 sizes adapted to different needs

  • Light Blue

  • White

  • Violet

  • Light Green

  • Light Red

  • Yellow

  • Orange

  • Black

  • Marine Blue

  • Apple Green

  • Beige

  • Écru

  • Grey

  • Brown

  • Dark Blue

  • Dark Green

  • Dark Red

  • Graphite

Hexagonal profiles

Thanks to the profiles made of durable aluminum, the structure of the tent is more stable than in the case of rectangular profiles. The hexagonal shape ensures proper fit and form of the tent.

Scissor construction

The modern frame has been created with the thought of strength and ease of use. Precisely made elements of the structure allow for ease of use and ensure durability and safety.

Validated wall connection

In the Standard line, the walls are joined using Velcro. It is a proven solution used for many years that allows you to mount walls in an easy and intuitive way.

Why NEOtent™ stands out?

Modern, aesthetic design and the use of reinforced elements are not the only novelty in the refreshed line of NEOtent™ tents.
Get to know all the innovations below.

Durable frame

Made of anodized aluminum for increased resistance

Effective mast

It eliminates the occurrence of stresses and cracks during unfolding, improves the visual qualities of the plating

Solid footer

Increased surface for better stability while maintaining high strength

Universal connector

Mounted with a clamping system, allows for mounting additional accessories

Sliding outer adjuster

Excellent functional and visual advantages thanks to easy management

Modern and functional quick-assembly tent

NEOtent™ is a tent of many possibilities.
We improved its universality, among others, by creating walls dedicated to various events and needs.



Leg drape (tied)

Leg drape (tied)

Leg drape (straight)

Leg drape (straight)

Large arch entrance

Large arch entrance

Full wall

Full wall



Wall with a door

Wall with a door

Double-sided printed wall

Double-sided printed wall

Wall with windows

Wall with windows

NEOtent™ accessories palette

The NEOtent™ pop-up tents is distinguished by freedom of configuration.
Available accessories allow for enrichment of the tent with additional functionality.
    • Sandbag

    • Tent pins

    • Radiator

    • Standard cover

    • Lighting

    • Guy lines

    • Cast iron with rubber end caps – Bag

    • Aluminum curtain pole

    • Universal bar

    • Cast iron with rubber end caps

    • Concrete base

    • Flag holder

    • Tent’s legs connector

    • Gutter

Improve recognition

To gain brand recognition, take advantage of our printing capabilities on fabrics – improve your message and leave a lasting, professional impression with NEOtent™!

Możliwość konfiguracji

Configuration possibilities

A wide range of NEOtent™ accessories and addons will allow you to immediately improve the exposure while maintaining a good visual effect of the tent.