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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our company implements best practices of managing according to ISO 26000.

By managing the company in accordance with CSR principles, we assume responsibility for the consequences of actions and decisions. Developing and implementing corporate social responsibility is a contribution to the general social development.
In the area of CSR the company Litex Promo Sp. z o.o. has had the following procedures and policies implemented, due to which it is possible to strive for continuous improvement of the company’s functioning:
  • Ethics and Business Conduct Code
  • Code of Ethics of Suppliers of Lubawa S.A. and affiliated entities
  • Procedure for reporting and examining irregularities
  • Procedure for contacts with the media
  • Procedure of Counteracting Discrimination and Mobbing
  • Anti-corruption and anti-fraud procedure
  • Recruitment procedure
  • The procedure of product withdrawal from sale
  • Sustainable purchasing policy
  • Diversity policy
  • Anti-corruption policy
  • Environmental policy
  • Health and safety at work policy
  • Policy of protection of human rights
  • Quality policy
White Leaf of CSR (POLITYKA)
The Lubawa Group’s business in the field of corporate social responsibility was awarded the CSR White Leaf, awarded by the editors of Tygodnik Polityka, Deloitte and the Responsible Business Forum. Read more

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